Seawall Education Consulting Inc. is a genuine Canadian company, specialized in education and cultural programs, offered by renowned education institutions in 5 continents: America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver/Canada, Seawall is a consulting company focused on providing the best educational and cultural experience to its clients. Through more than 100 partners in 21 countries and 59 different locations, we offer language, high-school, College (technical courses and specialization) and University (graduation and post-graduation) programs.

With offices in two locations in Canada: Vancouver/BC e Toronto/ON, Seawall is strategically positioned to serve its clients, as well to serve as support base for its franchisees, offering safety and reliability in obtaining accommodation, international health insurance, letter of custody, transportation and many other services required for the following destinations:


To make dream come true, fostering personal growth by means of access to education and cultural immersion, focused on truth and quality during the provision of services.


Seawall believes in the harmonization of human relations through international education, by fostering the exchange of experience between people from all over the world, resulting in better understanding and tolerance of social, political and religious differences.


  • Reliability – Offer comfort, peace of mind and respect in the relationship with clients.

  • Safety – Focus on details, recognized services through solid and lasting partnerships.

  • Honesty – Integrity when serving the client by placing clients’ needs in first place. To offer the right product, in the best way, with best cost/benefit ratio.

  • Transparency – Provide information directly and correctly, seeking to meet clients’ needs effectively.
Mission Picture