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Pay in your home currency

Pay foreign student fees in the comfort of your home currency in real time at a guaranteed rate. Shift’s home currency technology eliminates high bank exchange rates and cross-border fees.

Pay with preferred payment methods

With Shift Tuition, you can avoid the inconvenience of going to your bank and sending slow, expensive wires. Shifts payments allows you to pay in your preferred payment method from the convenience of home or on your mobile.

Be secure

Trust that your information and funds are safe with our robust payments technology security. We implement the strictest measures and systems that are designed to protect and safeguard you and your money.


Pay to Study

Easiest way to pay your tuition fees

International students with an overseas bank account or credit card can pay their programs through TransferMate in their own currency with no currency conversion fees and beneficial exchange rates.

What are the benefits?

  • A Safer payment process
  • No international sender/receiver fees
  • Great exchange rates
  • 24 hour customer service from TransferMate
  • 24 hour online tracking of payments
  • Allows you to pay in your local currency & to a local banck account


Pay your tuition fees now!

1o. STEP: Select “PAY NOW”;

2o. STEP: Fill out Personal Details of the Student;

3o. STEP: Fill out the Payment Details;
• Choose the method of payment: 1) Wire Transfer or 2) Credit Card.
• Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today. ” Then you will have 48 hours to make the payment.

5o. STEP: Transfer the funds to the advised bank account / or enter your credit card detais;

6o. STEP: For bank transfers only: Send an e-mail to o with the following attachments. You can simply take a picture of these documents using your smart phone;
• copy of the student passport;
• invoice from Seawall Education Consulting Inc;
• receipt of payment.

NOTE: Once TransferMate receive your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us and email you the payment confirmation. “


Terms and Conditions


The Client has the obligation to provide the necessary documentation for registration at the ESL, high school, college and/or university, at least 60 days before the program start date, obtain student visas with the respective consulate, and obtain air tickets. Furthermore, provide personal information at the moment of contracting services allowing the agent to carry out the enrollment process with the education institution and/or adequately contract other services.

In case of students under the age of 18 (eighteen years old) his/her representative shall be responsible for the student conduct with respect to compliance with local and international legislation and shall also be responsible for retaining the services of a local or international lawyer, if necessary.


All payments must be performed within the deadlines determined by the agency contract.

Payments shall be made by wire-transfer or direct deposit in the Agent’s account, or to other suppliers indicated by the Agent, through other payment methods, or other payment methods detailed in the Annex to the Agent’s contract. The total amount concerning the program must be paid no later than 30 days before student arrival at his/her chosen destination.

Exchange Rate Variation and Remittance of Amounts Abroad

Payment of services under this contract being pegged to the national currency of the country of the chosen education institution, the Agent reserves the right to update amounts at any time in accordance with the respective exchange rate.

The Client authorizes the Agent, its branches and/or commercial partners, to sign foreign exchange contracts and to carry out remittance of amounts abroad to pay for the contracted education and other programs.

Visa Denial, Withdrawal or Unjustified Change of Accommodation

In case of visa denial, withdrawal from participation in the selected program, or unjustified change of accommodation, the Client shall be refunded respective amounts pursuant to rules of the chosen education institution, supplier or service provider contracted. Registration fees or service fees charged by education institutions, suppliers of service providers and/or the Agent shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

Student Behaviour and Use of Cellular Phones and Tablets

The Client undertakes to comply with accommodation and education institution rules for use of electronic devices such as, but not limited to, cellular phones, tablets, photo and film cameras. Also, verbal or physical aggression, foul language, lack of respect to staff, colleagues and teachers in class, and service providers in general, are not permitted and will result in forfeiture of refund amounts established under the contract’s clause number 16. Underage students shall have their flight dates advanced and shall be returned to their parents or legal representatives within 24 hours of the ascertained infraction.


In case of breach of any contract clause by one of the parties, the injured party may terminate the contract by providing written notification to the breaching party within 15 business days prior to termination.

In case of termination without cause, the party requesting termination shall pay the injured party a penalty corresponding to 10% (ten percent) of the total contract amount within 7 (seven) business days. If payment is not submitted within the specified period, the contract shall be extra-judicially and/or judicially executed pursuant to legislation in force.


The contract is in effect on the date of its signature and terminates when all contracted services are completed, as set out in the Annex to the contract.


The Agent shall not be held responsible for eventual problems, or negative situations encountered by the student, due to lack of, or incorrect, or untruthful personal information detailed on the student registration form