To fully support our clients, Seawall also offers the following services:



Accommodation is an important aspect influencing students’ regarding adaptation, performance in class and peace of mind for minors. Seawall together with its local partners offer accommodation in many locations:

  • Homestay

  • Student accommodation

  • Shared apartments

  • Suites

  • Hotel

Our client can count on 500 registered families and many corporate partners, which provide safe and reliable accommodation services.

Transfer (Airport pick e Drop off)

After long flights, it is always comfortable to count with a professional transfer service at the Airport for your final destination. Having that in mind, Seawall offers its clients the comfort of having someone waiting for you at your arrival. Whether you are an adult or teenage student, you sure agree that a transfer service makes you feel safer when arriving at an unfamiliar destination.


International Health Insurance

No matter what your destination is, Seawall has the ideal international health insurance for you. Our partners offer coverages up to U$ 2 million for international students and their custodians. Contrary to tradition insurance companies, our partners offer coverage which comprises:

  • Accidents in general

  • Doctor’s appointment

  • Patient`s flight ticket

  • Custodian’s flight ticket

  • Odontological coverage

  • Physiotherapists and other auxiliary professionals

Seguro Saúde Internacional

Custodianship Declaration

This is a declaration signed by the student’s parents in their country and by a custodian in Canada. Every student under the age of 18 should provide a Custodianship Declaration as they enter the country. This document is required for applying for a visa and may be requested by Canadian agents at customs as student enter the country. Seawall provides this service to its students. For further information, please click the link below:

Custodianship Declaration

Local Documentation

We also provide guidance and follow-up in obtaining local documents. This service is offered specifically for the city for Vancouver. Check below the list of services provided by Seawall:

  • Opening bank accounts;

  • Applying for local identity card;

  • Applying for local driver`s license;

  • Applying for British Columbia Province health service;

  • Applying for a Social Insurance Number;

  • Under aged students’ enrollment with Vancouver School Board;

  • Aid in obtaining mobile and residential phone.


Immigration to Canada

Canada is a multi-cultural country offering an ongoing immigration program. Numerous immigrants arrive in Canada everyday coming from various countries, such as: India, China, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Africa do Sul, among others.

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