Learning a language becomes much easier when the learner experiences the language within its culture and is required to think, act and understand intercultural differences.

The educational programs offered by Seawall are an effective way to cater for your language needs by means of customized action plans developed in globally renowned educational institution.

Our partnerships with institutions in more than 20 locations throughout the world will certainly guarantee that Seawall will find the right program and place for you.


Learning a second language is essential for those willing to improve employability, to interact with other cultures or simply to take their dream trip anywhere in the world. Language courses are considered the first step into making any of these plans possible, as well the most successful educational program within all ages.

Seawall offers language course in acclaimed institutions in 5 continents. Our clients can choose from traditional language courses to programs customized to meet their personal needs.

We offer language course in 14 continents and 46 locations.

The language courses we offer have exceeded our clients’ expectations because of their dynamism. In addition to innovative methodology, highly qualified teachers/instructors, they employ extra-curricular activities, quality installations and customer service focused on details. Another important feature of our classes is cultural diversity, an aspect that has tremendously contributed for our students’ development and better understanding of the world.


Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


Calgary, Chilliwack, Delta, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

San José and Coronado


Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville and Valencia




New Delhi.


Milan, Rome and Florence




Playa del Carmen.

New Zeland
Nova Zelândia



Panama City.


Boston, Chicago, Hawaii, New York, San Diego and San Francisco.

Reino Unido

Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury and London.


Zurich, Lugano, Montreux.

The language courses we offer have exceeded our clients’ expectations because of their dynamism. In addition to innovative methodology, highly qualified teachers/instructors, they employ extra-curricular activities, quality installations and customer service focused on details. Another important feature of our classes is cultural diversity, an aspect that has tremendously contributed for our students’ development and better understanding of the world.

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More than 140 options of language programs

Youth Program

The Youth Program, also known as: summer program, summer camp, junior camp or adventure program, is designed for students between 7 and 17 years old, which combines English classes + monitored cultural and recreational activities.

The program is available during the students’ regular school vacation: Summer (July and August) and winter (December). Youth Programs are offered in weekly basis from 2 to 8 weeks.

The student will attend classes on the university campus where he/she will be staying or at the language school from 9am to 12pm. After classes, they participate in various activities, including visits to the main tourist attractions in each city.

The option of accommodations are: homestay or university dorm. All the students are entitled to a full-board service including three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This program is offered in multiple locations by various Seawall partners. Consult one of our agents for more information and recommendation on the program of your choice.

Please, find below a video about this wonderful program:

Family Camp

Aiming to provide an unforgettable experience for parents and children, Seawall offers the language study program and activities: Family Camp.

Through the family camp program, the whole family will have the opportunity to study and participate in various cultural activities together. With language tuition in the morning, afternoon activities and weekend trips, the family camp has become the favorite program for families on vacation.

This program is suitable for families with children aged between 7 and 17 years. There is no age limit for parents.

Business English

English is the universal language of business. However, this is not about being exposed to the vocabulary alone, because this is not enough to stand out in the international corporate environment. What counts the most is the international experience lived “in loco”. It is proven that international corporate experience develops the individual's resilience and solving problem skills.

Seawall offers specific business programs for students who are interested in acquiring vocabulary and work experience, specially in the North American business workplace.

Proficiency tests

Proficiency tests are prerequisites for students to be accepted in undergraduate, postgraduate, masters or doctorate degrees abroad. Besides the education institutions, global companies ask their employees and candidates to prove their proficiency through the same exams.

In order to help our students to meet the requirement of fluency in English or French, Seawall offers prep. Courses at the locations below:

  • Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne e Sydney.
  • Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria e Winnipeg.
  • India: New Delhi.
  • USA: New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, San Diego e Hawai.
  • UK: Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury e London.

  • Check out a video prepared by our partners:

Medical English

For the professionals in the medical field we offer specific courses to improve their English vocabulary, which helps to build relationships with co-workers and patients in the work environment.

Medical English is a language program aimed at all professionals in the medical field. The courses are structured in 3 modules of 4 weeks each. The student have the option to choose between attending only 1 module (certificate) or participating in all the 3 modules receiving a graduation diploma upon completion.

Please, find below the video about Medical English program:

First day at school

On the first day of class, in the morning, the student will be invited to a lecture in his native language, which will last approximately 3 hours. During the lecture, the student will receive information about the school, the dynamics of the classes, evaluations, courses offered, among other important instructions about the program. After this first general briefing about the program students will receive information about the local culture, customs, public transportation, emergency telephones and local attractions.

On the same day, the school will test the student's knowledge and fluency through written test and interview with a native speaker teacher. After the test results, the student will be enrolled in a class that matches their level of fluency and vocabulary. A minimum level of fluency is not required.

Language programs are usually offered in 4-week modules, which have preferred start dates. However, new students arrive every Monday. For instance: If the student starts classes in the module 2 (second week), he / she will have the opportunity to continue the program studying through modules 3, 4 and 1.

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There are student from all over the world attending the international education programs. Therefore, most of the educational institutions provide a Counselor to help students solving issues or answering questions about: school, program, accommodation, and other concerns. In general, Counselors are native speakers (Japanese, South Korean, Brazilian, Spanish…) which can communicate clearly with international students.

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The schedules varies according the selected program, as well the student’s goals. In general, our partners offer 4 options of schedule for the language programs:

30 lessons / week - from 9am to 4pm
24 lessons / week - from 9h to 14h30
17 lessons / week - from 9 a.m. to noon
13 lessons / week - from 13h to 16h (Monday to Thursday)


The Language Program is available for teenagers from 13 years of age, young people and adults. There is no restriction or cap in terms of age.


Seawall's partners offer a differentiated learning experience in which students can develop language fluency through courses related to their personal and professional interests.

Throughout more than 100 partners, our students are free to choose from more than 140 courses and built interesting combinations according to their goals and schedule availability. For the most part, courses are offered at different levels of fluency according to the student performance during the assessment.

Every four-weeks cycle, the student's proficiency level is assessed and the student can choose whether he/she wants to take new courses or simply move to the next level.

The courses are related to Business, Humanities, Communication and Language, among others. It is an unique opportunity that allow the student to learn through: language studying theater, film production, advertising & design, advertising media, business, journalism, photography, among other subjects.

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Duration of programs

The duration of the program will be established together with the student. It is very important to identify the student's goals at the time of choosing the program, because Seawall will recommend the most appropriate program so that the student achieves its goals in the fastest, most efficient and most affordable way.

Most popular programs